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    Has anyone heard of a new OSHA rule that you can not use a 6' lanyard in the basket of a Snorkel or Genie Lift? That you have to use a Diablo Lanyard. Thanks, Ray Ray Elkins | President D&R Masonry Restoration, Inc. ...

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    Thank you to everyone for your insightful responses, I appreciate your time. The applications for the GFRP specified in this case (for those of you who asked) are intended to be installed as new custom balcony cladding units (to match historic photos ...

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    Brett, All good advice but don't forget requirements related to the fire department. In a fire the product will essentially melt. In NYC they typically require a structural support underneath the application that is sized to accommodate personnel ...

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    Sara, Are you using this in panelized form or individual units? We had specified FRP (fiber reinforced polyester/plastics) and I'm assuming this is the same as the glass fibrer reinforced plastic (GFRP)...not referring to Microcotta I hope. We have used ...

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    Looking for any recommendations or things to look out for when specifying GFRP in an exterior facade application (on an existing building) in the Northeast - have you encountered difficult details or constructability issues that could have been prevented ...

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    Vapor Permeability

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    There are several methods utilized to measure Vapor Permeability of building materials. ASTM E96 and ASTM D1658 are the 2 most common but within those standards there are multiple methods including wet method, desiccant method, and even inverted wet ...

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